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We create cutting edge code, architecture and systems for all platforms, delivering a first class customer experience

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Creative technology for All Platforms


Business Intelligence Solutions


History TV Channel
History Channel
Crime and Investigation TV Channel
Crime Channel
Lifetime TV Channel
Association of Accounting Technicians.
CNN Partner Hotels - Turner Broadcasting
CNN Partner Hotels
[adultswim] (EMEA)
[adultswim] (EMEA)
CartoonNetwork (EMEA) - Turner Broadcasting
CartoonNetwork (EMEA) - Turner
Red Bee Media Ltd - TV Production Website
Red Bee Media Ltd - TV Production
Red Bee Media Ltd - Piero Website
Red Bee Media Ltd - Piero
FIVE TV - Corporate Site
FIVE TV - Corporate Site
Red Dwarf - Back to Earth
Red Dwarf - Back to Earth
Neighbours TV Show
BBC One - The Apprentice
BBC One - The Apprentice
De Vere Luxury Hotels
De Vere Luxury Hotels
UX / Brand Experience


We specialise in architecture, performance and development.

Our skills help to deliver first-class ideas and solutions for educational, financial and broadcast companies.

And we bring more than 15 years of experience of web and digital.

Micro Apps / Services with Native Cloud


We use the following software & tools :

AngularJS, Javascript, NodeJS, GO Lang, Drupal, PHP, Django, Python

RabbitMQ/AWS SQS, MySQL, NoSQL, Graph Databases

AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure

Serverless Solutions (Lambda + Cloud Functions)


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